Artwork and Concept Creation

Our in-house design studio understands both the design and commercial aspects of the concepts we create. Our expertise is second to none in handling artwork distortion on the most deeply shaped tins and using print effects to ensure the tin stands out on shelf.


Our tooling expertise is world renowned. Every day our aim is to create the world’s most innovative and unusual tin shapes and we own an enormous archive of exclusive tool shapes and sizes which are ready to be used off the shelf.


Using superior inks and state-of-the-art printing technologies, we offer strict colour management and precise printing according to international standards. Creating print proofs and samples are vital not only to ensure consistent quality and for final artwork and colour checks but to show you, our clients, exactly what the final product will look like and to get your approval.

Quality Control

Quality control is our number one priority. We don’t progress a product until it passes the most rigorous testing processes. We not only have stringent on-site QC carried out by the factory, but each production run is vigorously inspected by an independent, world recognised quality assurance company prior to shipment.

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Credentials & Certification

With rigorous control process’ and quality management procedures throughout our business, we are proud to be approved by both major brands and retailers from around the world. Amongst the factories we work with in China, we have the following accreditation covered (SEDEX, ISO 9001 and 14001, BRC Grade A) as well as BRC Grade AA approved facilities in the UK.

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